We don't expect to see male lyrebirds fighting but recently 
Jan Incoll witnessed just that along a Sherbrooke Forest track.
May 2020.  Thanks, Jan.  

 Female lyrebird very busy collecting nest-building 
 materials in Sherbrooke Forest, August 2016.

 Thank you, Lorraine MacDonnell.


I came across this lovely adult male in Sherbrooke Forest - July 15, 2013, displaying and going through his whole mimicry repertoire.

I was sure he knew I was there! Karen.


Adult male lyrebird taking a bath in Sherbrooke Creek.

By Karen - April 4 2013

Female lyrebird - Sherbrooke Forest, August 2013.

This bird had a chick in a nest close by and she seemed to be deflecting interest by mesmerising us! During this entire sequence she didn't once look in the direction of her nest.

filmed by Peter

filmed by Peter