The Lyrebird Lady Report


Lyrebird Lady’s report,  May 2018
After a very dry summer the rain has finally arrived for the lyrebirds and the forest vegetation.  Earlier this year the lyrebirds were scratching deep holes to find food or pulling apart logs.  Now with plentiful food supply the males are starting to get active.  Although their mounds are not cleaned we are witnessing displays and territorial chase.
The females still have their chicks with them so no nest building yet for these busy mothers.  We are still amazed to find the chick banded at the bend on Ridge Track (west side) feeding along Paddy Track on the east side of the forest.  (In 43 years of living in the area I have never seen a lyrebird crossing Belgrave /Kallista Road.) 

Recently two dead birds have been found on Sherbrooke Road below Marybrooke. One of these road kills was definitely a female and we can’t afford to lose our females. Frequently we get reports of sightings of lyrebirds feeding along this road and the Belgrave Ferny Creek Road.  This is a real concern to everyone in the area, especially with the increased volume of traffic when the planned commercial development in Sherbrooke goes ahead.
On a brighter note Alex has nearly finished the Dawn Survey maps and reports; there are 69 FTMs in Sherbrooke which he feels is a conservative number.
2018 is Sherbrooke Lyrebird Survey Group’s 60th year, making our group the longest continuous running Friends group in Victoria.  So keep October 13th free to join us in our celebration in the Kallista Hall.  Also as part of our 60th celebration there will be a featured article on SLSG in the next “Birdlife” magazine which includes praise for FOSF’s tireless efforts to improve the lyrebirds’ habitat.